Who I Am

My name is Jim Fausz.   I founded Photographic Imaging Consultants (P.I.C.) in 2007 after my retirement from The Provident Camera Shop in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

I have a long history of being involved with photography.  It began at the age of 11 when my parents gave me a Kodak 126 Instamatic film camera.  I realized right away that taking pictures would have an impact on my career choice.  My first professional style camera came in 1971 as a request from my parents to continue in photography but to graduate from high school first.  That camera was a Mamiya Sekor 1000DTL with a 50 mm f1.4 lens.

This style of camera led to numerous trips to Cincinnati to visit the myriad of camera shops to ask lots of questions about everything photographic.  One of those outings led me to Provident Camera where I began working soon after high school graduation.  I earned a degree in Radio and Television Production from Northern Kentucky University with a minor in photography and decided that Provident Camera was the place I wanted to work.  I learned about retail photography from the ground up and studied each camera group that the store sold.  I studied hard and pushed myself to take professional development courses offered by Nikon and Canon to retail employees.  I became a Leica Master by completing course work by the manufacturer.  I loved cameras, lenses, and all the gadgets that went with them.  I also found out that I loved working with customers who wanted to be photographers and who were willing to listen and try new things.

I stayed at Provident Camera for 34 years.  During that time I saw photography transformed from a film to digital format.  It was like a tidal wave to the retail business as well as to our customers.  I had many customers, beginners to professionals, who were having difficulty with the transition to a digital format.  Cameras became more complex with each new release date and people had a hard time grasping that an object that once was as simple as loading film into it to get a picture, now contained a computer with various menus to access all types of components that impacted their photographs.  Many of my customers asked me about helping them outside of my workday.  I began giving private lessons to help customers learn to use their digital photographic equipment.

That is how P.I.C. began and over the last 4 years I have had many wonderful experiences helping people from all age levels become better photographers.  Individual lessons are geared to a learner’s specific needs.  I have helped people to understand the components of the computer format in their digital cameras, how using flash can enhance photographs, the importance of understanding and applying basic photography principals to get high quality images (i.e. controlling the principals of light, f stop, depth of field, etc.), and using photo editing software such as Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom to complete their education in becoming a proficient photographer.