What I Do

Photographic Imaging Consultants offers a wide range of services to people who have a general interest in photography and/or dream of becoming proficient in using the digital format.  Our range of services include:

Private lessons tailored to meet individual needs including helping to understand cameras  (either film or digital), lighting, lenses, accessories that improve and enhance photographs, computer editing software and printing options.  Lessons can be arranged in a convenient location:  i.e. client’s studio, home or other location.  Convenient times can be arranged for the lessons.

Small group lessons offered at a convenient location.  I have conducted group lessons for clubs and at people’s homes where 3-4 people gather who share the same interest and want to learn and practice together.

Consultation services at a job site such as assisting clients who are beginning in wedding photography by having a lesson at a church or reception site, or assisting with an event such as school photographs or religious activities such as First Communion photographs.  These services are geared to help photographers use their equipment in the places where they work so that they can become more proficient.

Consultation services at events such as the annual Krohn Conservatory Butterfly Show photography evenings.  These services are at no cost and provide outreach for area photographers to get some advice on their equipment, etc.  It is also a great way to network with other people who share a passion for photography and who talk the same language.

Presentations to businesses for employee functions and extended learning opportunities.  These are also available to church or civic groups.  Fees are negotiable and presentations can be tailored to the age group and interests of the people attending.

Photographic restoration services and digital archiving by transferring slides and videotapes of vacations and family celebrations to digital formats.  Many times people do not wish to leave their cherished photographs or videos in a retail shop in the fear of them being lost.  Arrangements can be made to travel to a client’s home to pick up photographs and return them within a few days.

Free lance photography at family events such as reunions, anniversary and birthday parties, etc.  I am available to work with clients to photograph special events.  I have been photographing these types of events for over 30 years and can still provide this service to special customers.